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Selling Digital Art

Date Added: November 19, 2009 08:31:01 AM
Category: Digital Artists

Digital art is a newest form of art which is still in naive stage today. Very few people know about it and it has still a long way to go before being considered as popular art. Basically digital art is something which includes all the artwork that is created using a machine like computers, plotters and others. It is a very exciting field but there are very few takers of it today. This is due to number of factors which are not conducive for growth of this type of art. First of all the conservative societies are not ready to accept it as an art. They take it as something created by machine without any artistic sense and value. No art society or government agencies are coming forward to make digital art popular.

There are very few artists who have shown their belief in digital art and are working hard to create a niche for it. But, one needs not to be discouraged by all this people because it will take some time to understand that like other forms of art; digital art is also a creation of some artists and it is not possible to create something only by using computers. It requires very good artistic skills coupled with some knowledge of computers in order to be able to produce some good digital art. "Computer manipulated photography" is one good example of digital art that has created a place for itself in the art world and time is far away when other digital works like 3D-works, digital cartooning, digital sketching etc. will be recognized by the art world.

In order to sell your digital art work it is very important to follow a systematic approach otherwise you may not be able to find any customers for your work. Let’s take case of selling computer manipulated photography. For this one you have to understand that people need quality and creativity from you side. So make sure you are using a high resolution camera for taking snaps and your photos should depict some theme or message. Also, remember to create a portfolio for all the digital art works, you want to sell. In fact, a portfolio is like your resume and it is vital for attracting customers. A good portfolio is one that contains some of your best digital art and other information about your work. Another problem for a digital art seller is to find a proper place to sell his work. Unlike conventional art, which has its established market and specified places to sell them, digital art is yet to get this kind of recognition. One of the best place to sell digital art is internet as more an more young people, which are mainly opened for this new form of art, are using it.

There are many reasons that make internet the best place to sell digital art. First of all only a tech savvy person can understand and appreciate a digital artwork. A common art lover is not in a position to fully understand these digital works and so they are never interested in buying them. Most of internet users are acquainted with computers and they could be interested in digital art. Target the young generation as it is this part of population which is very tech savvy and they love all these digital stuff. Look for some popular art selling websites and submit some of your best works to them so that their already existing customers to know about you and your works. Some of such sites are,,,, or here on MBC where customers can BID for your digital art.

If you really want to be a successful seller of digital art try to create something very realistic and ordinary. Don’t just create something very superficial or imaginary because ordinary art lover will not be able to understand the complex themes and it is better for you to just play safe and focus on simple things in the beginning. Once you have a customer base to relish then you can think of unleashing all your creative powers and create something very different and unique. Try to think in terms of your customers. What a young boy in his twenties would love to see? What a tired young man would want to look at? And so after understanding different tastes and preferences of different set of users; try to understand your own capacities ie: which set of customers is best suited to be satisfied by your creations? Once you are clear about your target group just stick to it and make only such art works and do not digress from your path.

Even if in the beginning there is no one to accept your digital art just keep working patiently and only in your planned directions. Once you have put up your work on internet for sale; make sure that people know about the location of your web site. In order to attract more and more customers to your site, showcase some of your best creations on the homepage or main page of your website.

Now another important issue is how to market and advertise your work? There are number of options for marketing your works. One can give advertisements in are sport magazines, technology journals, Television etc. Another very good option is to advertise your digital art works on the internet itself. There are hundreds of technical forums, blogs; e-groups on the internet. Millions of people visit such groups daily looking for different things to buy. One innovative way to advertise your work is to put your work on some social networking sites like facebook, my space, twitter, stumbleupon etc. Online game sites are also another place where one can put ad and attract new young customers.

Try to interact with your customers and ask them about their feedbacks and complaints. Such type of interactive environment helps you to have a long lasting relation with your customers and they will love to come back to you again and again. Also take note of one golden rule of business. Never lose your existing customers as it will be very difficult to attract new ones each time you need a sale. Draw a well planned approach to attract new customers as well as to retain the existing ones. Such a plan should be practical one and not just be a paper work. Since, computer is the main tool of a digital artist and he needs to learn new digital art software, try to be in touch with the latest software and new technologies that can impact the field of digital art. If one does not learn new things then he is bound to be not much successful as people always buy only those things that are different from others. One can create new things only if he is using best available techniques and good skills as they are always a must.

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Selling Digital Art
Digital art is a newest form of art which is still in naive stage today. Very few people know about it and it has still a long way to go before being considered as popular art. In order to sell your digital art work it is very important to follow a systematic approach otherwise you may not be able to find any customers for your work.
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